Sunday, November 22, 2009

December Daily

This is my second year assembling a December Daily before December begins. Thanks to Ali Edwards for the inspiration.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Complete fall book, begin december daily

So thankful for Stacey's help on this one. Her bind-it-all and big binding hoop enabled me to expand this little book. Left just one page empty for Thanksgiving in Asheville.

Love these two pages featuring fun with the Vians. So grateful to Annie and Marty.

On to December Daily. Kira lent home her sewing machine today. What a help! It works so smoothly. I stitched these birds. I got the pattern for them from Lori last night. She got them at a recent unnamed workshop. :) It's so fun to share stuff with her. She notices the details.

This is my second December daily. Ali Edwards inspired both last year and this year with her version of this. Have seen some other people create some similar books. I love the idea that the structure is complete in November. All there is to do in December is add the photos and words. It was a fun project last year, so I'm committed to this year as well.

Completing layouts, making gifts

So happy to call this one done after adding a missing photo. I love making these pinwheels. I provided steps for this cool goodie at our last tarragon gathering.
Th Doo Dah is such a fun parade and celebration. Since I was gimpy I accepted a shoulder ride from Jesse.

I created a bunch of these bookmarks and tokens for each of my adult students. They have been very well received.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

New card and concert & party layouts

I created this card for Cindy, a fellow Ohio Weseleyan professor. The card is to celebrate her art opening at the Dublin Arts Castle. Thanks to Karen Nuce for allowing me to use her toy to emboss this cool flower shape.

Ghostland layout. It contains some cool metal buttons. Thanks to Lori for lending the cool border punch.

Some layouts to document our cool Independence Day party. We love to host parties when Ellen is in town.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween cards

I made some Halloween cards that were very much appreciated.

Baby Kate photos

I delivered the great photos to sweet baby Kate's mom. I filled this little book with ten 6 x 8 photos. They were delivered one week after the photo shoot before Kate's first birthday. Sharon, her mom, loves the way the photos look. Hooray!

My name tag

For our most recent crop, we Tarragoners were asked to design our own name tags. Here is mine.

Ribbons and glimmer mist

I played with this layout while with my art group, tarragon. Lori gave me some green tea colored glimmer mist as part of my prize from a summer challenge. Jamie lent me the plastic guide for the glimmer mist. Our challenge was to use three ribbons. I also added those to the mix here.