Sunday, January 10, 2010

The December Daily is complete!

I vow to call this done. I keep thinking of things to add, but now it is really done. I really like to keep all our December photos in here so it is pretty fat!

I added this red elastic to it to keep it intact.

The inside pages begin with Thanksgiving and end with NY eve:

Feel free to click on this one to read the journaling about Angel MJ.

This page features working lights. Ooo. Ahh!

This red envelope holds some gift tags and odd photos. Glued to envelope is the first pic taken with my new auto camera remote.

Hey, look there is Michael Stipe and Mike Mills from the REM calender. :) Love repurposing calender pages and beer boxes in the book.

The back cover is created from a penguin wine case. The felt additions to the rings were the free gift add ons from Anthropologie this year.

I am happy to have learned so much about Photoshop CS3 in the process of making this book. Loved using the overlays and the cool brushes. I print most of my pictures at two different CVS locations. I got to know the employees so well, that I bring them cookies one day.
Good news. I plan to premake some of these empty books for you to fill next year. Contact me for details. I'll even add your--or my-- fave calender pages and greeting cards to the book.


  1. Fantastic as usual! What an accomplishment!

  2. Thanks for your comments, Tina and Lori. The Anne Taintor page is dedicated to you, Tina. And did you spot your Christmas card in the book? Thanks, Lori for lending me your circle punch. Those small circles are throughout the book.

  3. I looked again, and I can't see my card.
    Did you see yours in one of my house-reading photos? :)

    Love this whole album, but I especially love the Anne Taintor page, of course. ;)

  4. In the fifth picture posted here look on the right side of the page for your "kindness and peace" card from last year.

  5. Oh, yes. I see it now. For some reason I was looking for this year's. :)

  6. I sent a link to this page to Ali Edwards, the woman who inspired the project. She did not leave a comment here, but did send me this email, "I love it Loretta :). Thanks so much for sharing the link with me!"

    Don't worry abut my head getting too big. And, no, I won't quit my day job. :)